Noxeema Deluxe (A Documentary Short)

A Lana Taylor and Douglas Anderson Cinematic Arts Film… Noxeema Deluxe is a documentary short directed, filmed, and edited by Lana Taylor. Watch Brandon Hines (a.k.a “Noxeema Deluxe Todd”) as he explains what it means to him to do something he loves… drag. Enjoy!

Location: Jacksonville, Florida 2019-2020

Lana’s Film at San Diego Comic-Con!

Comic-Con has got to be the COOLEST thing ever! Lana’s film will be playing as a part of the Children’s Film Festival at Comic-Con this year. YES! Comic-Con in SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA… honored!! A MILLION “Thank You!”s to the Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival for making this dream come true a reality. The film will play on Sunday July 21, 2019 between 11:30am-1:00pm in Convention Center Room 9. If you are a filmmaker with content for children, submit your work to the LA International Children’s Film Festival. It’s a fantastic festival that does so many great things for filmmakers and children. Honored to be a part of this in 2019!

Want to see it at Comic-Con, here’s the schedule: CLICK HERE for the Los Angeles Children’s Film Festival program of events @Comic-Con San Diego