DUUUVAL Premier of Astronaut Starbright Documentary

Alright! This is it! Here’s the DUUUVAL Premier of the Astronaut Starbright documentary.

Thanks to supporters like Antonio Allegretti and Sara Roberts who’ve donated time and space to help screen the film in Lana’s hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. There’s no words to express how grateful she is for their time, support, and encouragement.

So plan on coming to Art Walk this NOVEMBER (2018) to see everything they have to offer… including the Astronaut Starbright documentary by Lana!! This is a great event. If you haven’t been there before or aren’t familiar… Art Walk is the FIRST WEDNESDAY of the month, every month, in Jacksonville, Florida. This year, on November 7th (when our film will be playing), will mark the 15th Anniversary of the event. Viewing the film is FREE TO THE PUBLIC! Bring your family, friends, and acquaintances… Lana and Taylor will be there too.

There will be panel discussions in addition to the screening, see you there!

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